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Nicholas Lunn

Managing Director & Founder

Role: Strategic communications consultancy, overall responsibility for programme implementation.

A corporate communications and strategic marketing specialist gained over a 30+ year career with 18 years of direct experience in the GCC at a blue-chip client level, through long term associations in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Syria, Iraq and Oman. Well-versed in the strategic development of product and service channels in combination with external client-facing communication. Specialist in strategic and creative consulting for branding projects and strategic business design for banks, financial institutions and corporates. Nicholas studied at Edinburgh College of Art and has worked in the communications industry since 1980.

Mohamed A. Aljasim


Role: Client relationship management, strategic and financial industry consultancy, business governance.

A senior investment executive with over 15 years in-depth experience in structuring and managing complex, diversified investment products and portfolios.  Throughout his career, Mohamed has worked on the origination, structuring and implementation of some of the iconic developments in the MENA region and has managed multi-million dollar deals in such diverse sectors as real estate, oil and gas, aviation, manufacturing, logistics, education, banking, insurance and technology and in locations across the GCC, the wider MENA region, the UK and continental Europe. He was entrusted with the role of anchor to a merger between three investment banks in Bahrain, subsequently executing exits and restructuring the asset base of the merged entity.  He previously held the roles of Head of Investment Banking with Gulf Finance House BSC; Chief Investment Officer of Capital Management House BSCc and Chief Investment Officer of Ibdar Bank BSCc.

Laura O’Neil-Peck

Operations Manager

Role: Production and press management, client liaison, account management, office management and quality control.

Liaison with clients and also responsible for coordinating all press work, managing deadlines and quality control. Her role also covers the quality control and management of all print production and manufacturing, office management and accounts and she manages the firm’s internal job traffic system. Laura is our Tamkeen coordinator for Vision Gulf government projects in Bahrain.

Damodaran Ramesh

Senior Art Director

Role: Finished production services, pre-press, legal and financial publishing 

Ramesh is a long-time expert in print and pre-press and is a highly accomplished technical designer. As a pivotal member of the design team, he has overall responsibility for legal and financial production and print production for significant corporate projects such as investment funds, IPO documents and annual reports.

Hussain Abdul Kareem

Graphic Designer & Arabic Writer

Role: Branding and corporate communications design, Arabic communications.

An essential member of the team, Hussain brings excellent written and spoken Arabic communications and design experience to Vision Gulf, providing in-house English to Arabic translation (writing), and thoughtful identity and logo design. Hussain holds a Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Technology from Napier University, Edinburgh.

Janard Booijse

Head of Design

Role: Design for branding, integrated advertising, social media and digital channels.

With over 19+ years experience in the film, advertising, branding and design arena, Janard is a well rounded, award winning multi-media designer and art director with a broad area of design expertise, ranging from traditional to integrated advertising, branding and identity development, web, social and new-media. Janard has worked with some major clients and accounts in South Africa, Bahrain and the MENA region such as Sony Africa, KFH Bahrain, African Bank, various real estate investment companies, Honda SA and Vodacom SA to name a few. He is also an avid photographer and musician and enjoys bringing these skills to the table when possible or required, especially when working on integrated projects.

Ibrahim Abou Mattar

Senior Account Manager

Role: Client relationship management and strategic business development

Ibrahim has 7+ years of experience in branding and advertising. He has worked with clients across the GCC with a focus on Saudi Arabia, creating brand strategies and implementation plans for brands and companies. He has managed multiple projects from brand-led initiatives to video production projects and integrated campaigns. His experience covers various industry sectors, including financial institutions, holding companies, governmental organizations and SMEs. Ibrahim also writes creative copy, creating brand stories and strategic write-ups.